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Dept of Sainik Welfare(DSW) & Zilla Sainik Welfare Office (ZSWO)

At the State level, the resettlements and welfare of Ex-Servicemen is handled by Home Department in the State Govt and the Secretary of the Dept concerned oversees the functioning of Dept of Sainik Welfare. The Depts of Sainik Welfare exercise general control and supervision over the Zilla Sainik Welfare Offices. There are 13 Zilla Sainik Welfare Offices in each district headquarters in the state.The Chief Minister of the State is the President of the Rajya Sainik Board in the State and District Collector is the Chairman of the Zilla Sainik Board. The Secretaries to the Rajya Sainik Board are invariably the Directors of the Dept of Sainik Welfare and the Secretaries to the Zilla Sainik Boards are the Zilla Sainik Welfare Officers. The Zilla Sainik Welfare Offices are established in the Zillas which have population of 7,500 and above of ESM, their widows, dependents and families of serving defence personnel residing therein.The list of DSW / RSBs and ZSWO / ZSBs with their contact details are available at the link given below.